"Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;"
Eph 5:25

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daily Devotions - A Time to Focus

Daily devotions.  The kindergarten of Bible study.  At least that's how it feels at times.  There is very little substance that can poured into a short reading and lesson that takes a matter of minutes to complete.

Devotionals are often frowned upon in the "seriously christian" world, as they are generally a mile wide and an inch deep, meaning they cover a wide array of topics without the depth of an actual "bible study.

I'm here to tell you that I like daily devotions because they give me an opportunity to pause and reflect on my walk with God.  When I take a moment first thing every morning for daily devotions, I feel a clearer focus to my day because I have invited Jesus to be a part of it.

I realize that devotionals are written , for the most part, on a less-than-scholarly level.  Well, that's perfect, because I am less-than a bible scholar.  Much less.  So for me a short devotional is perfect for my morning quiet time.

There are also many devotionals written for couples.  I highly recommend that every married couple carve out some time in the schedule for devotions.  Even if one of you is a scholar and the other is not, there is great value in spending time together developing spiritual intimacy in your marriage.  Following are some links to devotionals that I highly recommend.  Two of them are free online readings, and one is a very inexpensive e-book.

My wife and I have used devotional time as a couple to delve deep into our relationship and into our walk with God, as a couple.  I believe these times to have been some pivotal moments in our marriage.
So, find a devotional for yourself and for your marriage, and make time to connect with God, and each other.     

Moments With You
Online daily devotional for couples from Crosswalk.

Devotions for Married Couples by Dr. James Dobson. 
A free online devotional study from Focus on the Family

15-Minute Marriage Makeover by Dustin Reichmann
This is an excellent 4-week devotional that probes deep into a couple's intimacy.

From the inside out,


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